The digital revolution threatens to destroy more jobs than it creates. University Technical Colleges should be at the heart of the government’s response

Lord Stern’s new tract on global warming will help his Green allies to build their latter-day Tower of Babel, but renewables are irrelevant to megacities

Social media’s mob mentality

‘From time to time, it can be productive to think freely about government across party lines’

 What would have happened if the meteor that hit Siberia in February 2013 had been hurtling towards the Middle East? Israeli scientists say they have state-of-the-art technology that could have intercepted it. While the UK is busy replicating Silicon Valley on London’s Old Street roundabout, Israeli high-tech start-ups continue to propel themselves farther into the realm of science fiction. How does this innovative know-how fare in a conflict zone which continues to turn adversity into opportunity?

‘Whenever I buy something over the phone I am giving a total stranger the means to clean out my current account’

‘Burke asserted that we should value chivalry, morality and friendship. But how do we measure the huge rise in social media in terms of GDP?’

In the fast-paced and ever-changing world of technology very few commentators have stopped to examine the business practices of a behemoth like Google

The politically incoherent Anonymous ‘hacktivists’ are causing more harm than good in the dispute in Borneo