Social Affairs

‘Hadija laughs as she describes how Saudi women, once over the bridge connecting Saudi Arabia to Bahrain, elbow their husbands out of the driving seat to take command of the wheel.’

Outdated procedures make banks unfriendly places for married, working women

A new project allows crime victims to move on — by pardoning those who attacked them

Capital Affairs: The Making of Permissive Society by Frank Mort

Our Mole says the new Policing and Crime Act has made life more dangerous for sex workers

Legislation to protect people from disability hate crime will never solve the whole problem; we need to believe in the spirit of the law

The liberal establishment maintains a shameful silence over widespread intolerance of homosexuality among Muslims

‘Empirical evidence shows that whereas Friedman knew what he was talking about, Keynes did not’

I feel sorry for the lot of them. They probably haven’t got a GCSE between them. And they’ve got their private lives plastered all over the papers. They should be given counselling. To help them make the transition.

They should.

They must feel so lonely. So bewildered. 

And then for us all to have to read about it!

It’s none of our business!

My heart breaks for Cheryl. Especially. 

Poor love. She’s got a bit tubby lately. Have you noticed?

It’s humiliating. Everyone knowing…You wonder why these poor girls put themselves through it.

I think a lot of them are lingerie models. 

Cheryl’s not a lingerie model.