Social Affairs

The experiment is over. After 12 years of legalised prostitution organised crime in Amsterdam has risen, not fallen.

The financial crisis has produced a new wave of young libertarians but these radicals champion freedom over and above virtue

A new book by Harry Mount attributes the particular, phlegmatic character of the English to the nature of England itself

Strangely, it is easier to write a state-of-the-nation drama if you set it in the past

England no longer expects every man to do — or even to know — his duty, and corruption is creeping into our moral culture

‘Backward-leaning leftist populism is on the rise. All the old slogans of the 1980s  — “Tory scum” and so on — are making a return’

Michael Mosbacher charts the evolution of a hard-line Marxist into the leader of a cult that believes its “progressive” ends justify any means

David Green says the most vilified of American sociologists has emerged as one of the great champions of liberty, while his analysis of the underclass has been vindicated by events

Ridden with guilt, the English middle class has retreated into its own redoubts and let the white working class go hang itself