The European Convention is no longer fit for purpose. It is time for the Lord Chancellor to enshrine our freedoms in British law

In May, Gerry Adams told Prince Charles he wanted justice. But he should be careful what he wishes for—Sinn Féin too has much to hide  

‘Occasionally one reads of an incident in this great metropolis so awful, so disturbing, that just for a moment one’s mental moorings are shaken’

The Jewish exodus from France shows that Islam’s rapid growth has caused a crisis for the Continent’s oldest minority. Bromides won’t do any more

“European progressives’ obsession with Israel has led them to explain away physical and verbal abuse, or even murder, of their own Jewish citiziens.”

Mainstream Muslims are turning a blind eye to the links between religious hostility to the West and the growth in jihadist attacks

Mandatory reporting of suspicions of child abuse may sound like a good idea, but it would make prosecutions less, not more, likely

‘Without stop-and-search, Kelly estimates that he would need an extra 50,000 officers to police the city because people who don’t run the risk of being searched start carrying guns’

‘The acquiescent citizen is always a soft target for lazy, disproportionate policing’

‘The task of reversing the damage to “Broken Britain” may be beyond the ability of any political party, let alone any single leader’