As a 15-year-old British schoolgirl, what struck me about this teenager’s life was that she isn’t a victim, but a role model whose every day is a protest.

‘The cover of my new book was likely to shock Pakistani sensibilities but my local book store owner said he’d keep it under the counter with the Salman Rushdie novels. Not the worst company.’

‘Why is Britain pledging £650 million without ensuring that Islamabad does more to inhibit jihadists of Pakistani origin in our own country?’

The historic city in Pakistan’s North West Frontier — home to the Smugglers’ bazaar, Khyber Pass and Grand Trunk Road — is seeing its rich culture eroded by religious fundamentalism

The British official who fixed the frontier that now divides Afghanistan and Pakistan unwittingly unleashed a century of war

The forthcoming defence review must answer our need to be able to face unpredictable threats

Although previously banned, Tariq Ali’s books can now be read anywhere in Pakistan. In the aftermath of the jihadist attacks in Mumbai and on the Sri Lankan cricket team, will the Brit-Pak’s fluent words offer any solutions to the problems there?

Is Pakistani intelligence allowing the country’s tribal areas to become a Taliban stronghold? What can the West do about it?