The logic behind a nationalised broadcaster was never perfect. In the age of subscription television and the internet it is indefensible

Twenty-four-hour news coverage should have ushered in a new age of investigative, in-depth journalism. Instead, it’s banal, repetitive and slack

The corporation has for too long ignored public opinion on multiculturalism, sticking instead to liberal orthodoxies

Embarrassed by their own lacklustre work, Auntie’s reporters refuse to acknowledge the graft of others

‘Why should the press agree to fund and support a regulator that would stop it making money, as the Leveson inquiry proposed?’

‘After an evening’s drinking a friend woke up to find he had gone to bed with George Bernard Shaw’

The real threat to liberty is not Leveson but the Coalition’s own Defamation Bill—yet it is not too late to make a sensible amendment

Listening in on the great debate about the BBC’s sex pests

The editor of British Vogue has bravely — and rightly — shamed designers who insist their clothes be modelled by impossibly thin young girls

She is overpaid, overhyped and may soon be over here, as Obama’s ambassador. But does the Empress of New York fashion have any clothes?