Teaching Latin in primary state schools may be the answer to decling standards in literacy

The dearth of GCSE Greek courses — or indeed, Ancient Greek history — taught in state schools is to the great detriment of secondary school pupils

We live in a euphemistic commercial age where “plain” chocolate just simply will not do

Greek mythology is making a welcome comeback in print and on the silver screen

Civility has become the new political buzz word, but its meaning has been distorted to suit the left-liberal consensus

The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations edited by Elizabeth Knowles and the Oxford Companion to English Literature edited by Dinah Birch

New Labour have not only eroded our liberty and destroyed the public finances – they’ve abused the English language too

Our refusal to address others as ‘Sir’ or ‘Madam’ stems from our ideological revulsion against hierarchy 

‘Process’ is a dishonest and deceitful buzz-word, used by people to conceal something nasty or embarrassing