The media presents Israel as a pariah but its recent efforts to provide aid to Syrian refugees belies its consistently negative image

Israel’s thriving and very much integrated Arab population confounds the perpetual accusation that it is somehow an ‘apartheid state’

Much hoo-ha was made of the BBC’s “censorship” of Nigel Kennedy’s remarks about Palestine at the Proms. In truth, Kennedy knew all along he’d be taken off air

‘If peace is to be attained in the Middle East, six mistaken assumptions must first be discarded’

Elisha Abas played for years in the Israeli Premier League but when his football career was over he returned to his other great talent: the piano

Stephen Hawking could learn from Antonio Munoz Molina who recognises that only the pursuit of truth can advance peace and understanding

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Israel’s response to Hamas’s shower of rockets was proportionate but no Israeli deludes himself into thinking there is a military solution to the conflict