‘North Korea is a vital buffer for the Chinese to counter the heavy US presence in Japan and South Korea…The idea that Beijing might rein in Pyongyang is a Western illusion’

Britain’s Strategic Defence and Security Review is cutting vital parts of the armed forces. It must be changed before events change it for us

‘After seven years, the International Criminal Court prosecutor has yet to secure a single conviction—or even an acquittal’

‘If international affairs are your bag, you might as well have voted for the Ba’ath Party as the Conservatives’

‘It is fascinating to see the outlines of an emerging world order for the 21st century’

The recent Israeli Apartheid Week shamefully neglected Zionism’s complaisance to peaceful co-existence

The administration is in deep trouble on healthcare and national security

Despite laws, protocols and international conventions, the number of people being trafficked into servitude is growing

‘In his desire to see the bombers go into Iran, John Bolton does not consider the sort of smart sanctions experts actually envisage’

A flawed economic doctrine led Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling to plunge Britain into its worst postwar crisis