If we were to welcome even a fraction of the refugees who want to come here, we would destroy the things that attract them to this country

“The ultimate demographic impact on Europe of the present wave of migration is totally unpredictable”

The exodus is changing the West before our eyes. Lack of leadership has allowed the Continent to drift towards a form of cultural suicide.

By electing a far-left internationalist, Labour has failed to listen to the hopes and fears of its core voters on immigration and welfare

‘Even in Tel Aviv, they know that the words “no comment” are not in my vocabulary’

The monarchy, and its central function as a symbolic unifying force, have been given a new lease of life by citizenship ceremonies

“The sudden rise of Pegida suggests Germany hasn’t found a way to digest the idea of immigration.”

‘It is assumed that the capital is a standing rebuke to all those who voice concern about unfettered migration. But surely Londoners leaving London is a cause for concern’