Alexis de Tocqueville saw that 19th-century America combated individualism through the art of association. Are there lessons here for Cameron’s 21st-century Big Society?

The Wind from the East: French Intellectuals, the Cultural Revolution, and the Legacy of the 1960s by Richard Wolin

Jean Moulin, the leader of the struggle against the Nazis, died in 1943. Now his aide’s memoirs have revived controversy

May ’68 was supposed to be the start of something new in France. But why did it all go so wrong?

Russia Against Napoleon by Dominic Lieven

‘In February 2007, a naked, emaciated, mutilated, charred and stabbed man is discovered near railway tracks in the Parisian suburb of Sainte Geneviève-des-Bois. He is taken to hospital where he is pronounced dead just before noon.

A German novelist reflects on his time working at a home for the mentally ill, and the moral dilemmas surrounding euthanasia that have shaped his writing life

Dancing to the Precipice: Lucie de la Tour du Pin and the French Revolution by Caroline Moorehead