Michael Gove said he would never stand for the Tory leadership. But Iain Martin wrote, in 2012: “Perhaps he will be able to overcome his fear . . . Those who care about the future of this country should hope so: the Tories need their Iron Laddie and so do we.”

Every day I grapple with unruly pupils who have no respect for teachers because discipline is treated as a dirty word in our schools

Learning a foreign tongue opens up an entirely new spectrum of cultural rewards, yet state schools are failing to emphasise their importance

‘There is such a shortage of places in London that schools will soon have to start teaching in shifts—as they are forced to in developing countries’

‘It is only when one tries to do good that one discovers just how many people will try to prevent one’s sucess’

Why should ethnic minorities be castigated for voting Conservative when the Left have betrayed them educationally?

‘The madness of the education debate has reached a point where NUT members would prefer to see a school building sold to a capitalist developer rather than see a free school succeed’

‘The opposition to free schools can be intimidating—you’d think we were building nuclear bombs, not setting up a school’

Last month 24 free schools opened in Britain. Those who oppose them should look at the success of their American counterparts

Low academic standards are producing undisciplined young people. The English Baccalaureate (EBac) offers a renewed rigour