‘Many working-class parents are ill-equipped to prepare their children for the extra two years of education that they probably never experienced themselves’

‘No other education system in Europe gives school leaders so much autonomy: over the curriculum, recruitment and managing a school’s finances’

The digital revolution threatens to destroy more jobs than it creates. University Technical Colleges should be at the heart of the government’s response

British higher education could be the best in the world if the Tories follow the US model of private autonomy, not Europe’s statist model

Universities should not impose quotas on privately educated students. It is a crude tool which may exclude those from humble backgrounds

A free school head advises the Education Secretary to abolish Ofsted and cut the burden of red tape if she wants the state system to stop failing pupils

The Education Secretary should prioritise good teaching in order to consolidate Michael Gove’s reforms

“Employers are crying out for people with technical skills and real-world experience”

The case for memorising verse is often dismissed as nostalgia for the bad old days of rote learning. But memory lifts poems off the page.

Geoffrey Langlands has been deeply committed to education – even in an unstable region