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Lord Stern’s new tract on global warming will help his Green allies to build their latter-day Tower of Babel, but renewables are irrelevant to megacities

‘Even in Tel Aviv, they know that the words “no comment” are not in my vocabulary’

Britain’s insistence on giving money we cannot afford to Africans who do not want it puts sentimentality before common sense

Dambisa Moyo, author of How the West was Lost, and Niall Ferguson, author of Civilization: The West and the Rest, discuss the Eastern challenge to Western prosperity with the Editor of Standpoint, Daniel Johnson

‘The Chinese government is destroying the mud-brick maze of traditional Kashgar to cement control over its rebellious Turkic natives. Uighurs are terrified that by mid-century they will have become the Apache or Cherokee of China’s Wild West’

British businesses are nowhere to be seen in Iraq, unlike the companies of those countries that opposed the war

Despite laws, protocols and international conventions, the number of people being trafficked into servitude is growing

Alvaro Uribe has brought prosperity to Colombia, and is now up for “re-re-election”. But the legacy of political chaos will continue to be felt, says Vanessa Neumann

As Jacob Zuma takes over as South Africa’s president, the ‘Beloved Country’ needs to break with idolatry