A good meal is hard to find in celebrity-obsessed London

Australia’s no-nonsense leader is a lightning rod for progressive hatred

The former Australian leader’s continuing popularity has befuddled the news media and the political class

Australian liberals missed their opportunity to vote for a monarchy-free state; it may be a while before the chance for a republic comes around again

A ticket for a burqa-clad driver in Sydney became a national controversy and reopened the debate about multiculturalism

The Australian floods were encapsulated by underrated national poet, Dorothea Mackellar, whose poem “My Country” best captured the post-diluvian mood

Australia’s performance in the Ashes is symptomatic of the newly-prosperous nation’s fixation with consumerism

“Australian politics is in turmoil of a type and intensity not seen for 70 years”

No doubt the haka is all very well in its time and place – but that place was long ago and far away. It’s essentially a cannibal war dance designed to scare the living daylights out of those you hope to kill and eat