ONLINE ONLY: Banking on Britain

Benghazi is bust. The UK government is needlessly witholding funds from the Libyan rebels as they battle Gaddafi's forces. It must free the money now

Secret Deal With South Africa’s Stalinists

Britain quietly allowed anti-apartheid exiles to run guerrilla operations from London as long as they stayed off the streets

A Tale of Love, Bulls and Goats

A tribal wedding in Kenya shows that globalisation can be reconciled with the preservation of time-honoured ways of life

Keen Kenyans

Despite 40 per cent unemployment and lack of infrastructure, an entrepreneurial spirit has lead many young Kenyans to prosper

Johannesburg: Hard Pressed

'I would like to think that all the politically correct Brits who lined up to condemn me for "juxtapositional racism" might say a word or two about the extinction of media freedom in a major Commonwealth country, but I am not holding my breath'

Mogadishu: Armageddon on Steroids

‘The fighting in Somalia can no longer be dismissed as an obscure domestic struggle in an unimportant country of no wider relevance to the world. The crackle of machinegun fire in Mogadishu, the regular thwump of mortars, the ground-shaking shelling by Amisom tanks and the sporadic suicide attacks by delusional youths represent the frontline in the international fight against al-Qaeda.’

Richard Goldstone

The South African judge's Gaza report is just another example of his intensely political attitude to the law

South Africa: The ANC’S Health Lesson for Obama

Health care reform is one of the hardest things in politics. If Obama may be heading for defeat or a bloody draw, this is nothing compared to what awaits the ANC as it attempts to force through its National Health Insurance scheme.

ONLINE ONLY: Black Russian

‘Russians think about blacks, Jews and women in the way Europeans did a generation ago’

Adventures of a Book in Africa

Michela Wrong's exposé of corruption in Kenya was suppressed, then pirated, and finally rescued by an unlikely combination of saviours.

Underrated: Abroad

The ravenous longing for the infinite possibilities of “otherwhere”

The king of cakes

"Yuletide revels were designed to see you through the dark days — and how dark they seem today"