A speech in honour of the Duke of Edinburgh

A new translation of three playful but deadly serious poems

Four learned saints, and the Romans’ favourite sauce

Continental Europe may be wealthy, but it is no longer the seat of innovation and entrepeneurship, while Israel, which outperforms its size, is willing to take uninsurable risks at all level

“The impulse to suppress freedom of speech is never holy, even if it has taken many centuries for both church and state to admit as much. And that unholy impulse will re-emerge unless we are vigilant.”

“I did not feel ready to be a mother. But a wonderful new life was on its way to teach a lot of lessons, and ultimately to save me.”

“Why did I so strongly prefer that Mr Sherman not be an old fool,
another lost wanderer in the Viagra Triangle?” A new short story.

“When the laws of poetry are forced upon reality — in love, war, or any other sphere — so many things get trampled”

‘What makes the West unique are not recent phenomena, such as modern technology, but cultural factors which had been at work long before modernisation began some two centuries ago’

“Jeremy Jacobson,” he said, putting out a hand. “I’m a graduate student but very passionate about Henry James.”