The Limits of Secularism

A society without faith is like one without art, beauty or grace, and no society without faith can endure for long

Five New Poems

"One Elephant, Two Elephant" and four other new poems

The Mythology of Decline

The pessimists are lining up to announce the fall of the West and above all of the US. But the Americans will prove them wrong

An Exchange: Toepfer and the Holocaust

The debate over whether Oxford university's Hanseatic scholarships were paid for by Nazi profiteering continues. Two eminent academics put forward their cases

Manhattan Elegy

9/11 — In memoriam: A new poem


From a fragment of an ancient manuscript recently discovered in the ruins of Los Angeles. Edited by Clive James

Dad’s Gay

A new short story

Benedict XVI and the Future of the West

Pope Benedict XVI champions Evangelical Catholicism, a dynamic concept of faith in the line of Leo XIII and John Paul II, which challenges the West's current understanding of the relationship between church and state

An autumn note

“For many, the end of this uneasy year cannot come quickly enough”

An ordinary killing

Ian Cobain’s book uses the killing of Millar McAllister to paint a meticulous portrait of the Troubles

Greater—not wiser

John Mullan elucidates the genius of Charles Dickens