Engineering the soul of China

Xi’s revolution in values and education is a tool for totalitarianism

Prophets and messiahs

Deep inequality, a mismanaged pandemic, widespread violence and a tanking economy. How did Brazil get into this mire?

D’où parles-tu? The post-truth world

Power, illusion and the open society: how postmodernism undermines our foundational concepts

The importance of talking about nothing

Covid-19 is forcing abrupt change on Japanese office life and traditions

Why Schiller still matters

The great dramatist was an Enlightenment philosopher as well as playwright. His inquiries into humanity had a political dimension

Staking claims on thin ice: the new Silk Road

Shipping routes are opening up in the Arctic due to climate change. This is a development fraught with environmental and geopolitical risk

Majority rule; minority rights

It is folly to treat UK race relations as totally divorced from the rest of human experience. We need to look at the larger global picture

Suffering from chronic repression

Fears of a new Cultural Revolution are beginning to look justified as Xi Jinping advances the pace of control in China

The favourites

From Piers Gaveston onwards, controversial courtiers have a long history in British politics.How unusual is Dominic Cummings?

‘Safety first’: the war on risk

Safety has supplanted liberty as the driving force of our political culture. This is a cul-de-sac for democracy

Underrated: Abroad

The ravenous longing for the infinite possibilities of “otherwhere”

The king of cakes

"Yuletide revels were designed to see you through the dark days — and how dark they seem today"