I unwisely gave an interview to a magazine that once employed me. It was just an exercise to smear me — and to try to shut me up

Keyboard warriors taking offence on behalf of others led not only to Sir Roger Scruton’s sacking but to Jordan Peterson’s exile from Cambridge

In Britain, Europe and the US, extremists of the Right and Left use vicious ad hominem attacks to boost their populist appeal

Juries seem increasingly willing to accept “rough sex” as a defence against murder. Does “BDSM” allow abusers to hide in plain sight?

Thirty years ago, I prosecuted a case of child sexual abuse. The result was a horror story which would have gone very differently today

Calls for compensation to the descendants of slaves simplify history and miss the point that Africa was complicit in human trafficking

In just three years, Aung San Suu Kyi has lost the support not only of the West but also of minorities in her own country. What went wrong?

The black Briton hailed as “the original lady with the lamp” and a medal-winning pioneer of battlefield care was nothing of the sort

Women shouldn’t be pressurised into breastfeeding — it’s sexist and illiberal to claim that anyone who bottle-feeds is a bad mother

Prague has a regrettable public amnesia about the Holocaust, but tiny private memorials keep memories of the city’s Jewish culture alive