Amid the constant threat of terrorist action by individuals or groups who have infiltrated our society, to what extent would we be justified in suspending or adapting some of the normal judicial safeguards which protect the freedom of the individual?

The man, dressed in full urban-guerrilla black attire, complete with knapsack, helmet, goggles, gloves and hammer, but wearing the iconic yellow fluorescent vest as well, systematically smashed shop windows, destroyed items stolen from shops and public offices, and set cars alight, including three empty police and army vehicles.

It will be a dark day for parliament when there is nothing left to proscribe, nothing that nodding dullards can deem “totally unacceptable”.  

Stalin so loved The Parricide ­­— the tale of a Robin Hood-style bandit who fought against aristocratic Russians — that he adopted the name of the book’s hero, Koba, as his primary pseudonym for many years.

The true casualty figures are still hotly disputed 100 years after the Punjab massacre, but its real legacy was the slow death of the Raj

A disorderly Brexit could be the last straw for a valuable agricultural sector, already under attack from Green activists and government

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