A determination to destroy beauty lies behind the ghastly British love affair with rubbish dumping

Empire brought responsibilities as well as riches.
This country should not shirk them

Critics of the Trump administration’s foreign policy have forgotten the mistakes and misjudgments of its predecessor

The interests of the Kremlin and the Russian people are moving in opposite directions

Our capital helps crooks to siphon money from the world’s poor to Britain’s prosperous professions

Profound weaknesses leave us open to political warfare from Russia and China—weaknesses which they are ruthlessly exploiting

Separating proper journalists from propagandists and trolls is easy enough—can they handle a story which upsets friends and allies?

The ability to influence others without resort to arms is a key British strength. As Brexit nears, we must tell the world a winning story

Blaming modern woes on past empires stokes infantilisation—condescension is colonialism’s last legacy. I’m proud of my CBE

Much criticism of my work on ethics and empire is at best misguided and at worst wilful misrepresentation