Staving Off Despair: On the Use and Abuse of Pessimism for Life

The neuroscientist Raymond Tallis and the philosopher Roger Scruton discuss the human condition with the Editor of Standpoint, Daniel Johnson

Can the Atlantic Coalition Hold?

William Kristol, founder-editor of the leading American conservative magazine, the Weekly Standard, and Tim Montgomerie, founder-editor of the ConservativeHome website, discuss the similar problems facing the US and Britain with Standpoint Editor Daniel Johnson

Has Britain Found a Role Yet?

The leading historians Professors Norman Stone and Jeremy Black discuss how this country might recover its once unique contribution to Western civilisation with Standpoint Editor Daniel Johnson

Life, Death and the Meaning of Cancer?

The leading cancer specialist, Dr Karol Sikora, and the author and Standpoint columnist, Lionel Shriver, discuss healthcare in Britain and America with the Editor, Daniel Johnson

Is the Party Really Over for Labour?

Andrew Rawnsley, the author of the investigative bestseller about the Blair-Brown years, looks forward to the General Election with Standpoint's columnist Nick Cohen and the Editor, Daniel Johnson

Should Baby Boomers Feel the Pinch?

The Shadow Universities and Skills Secretary David Willetts discusses the legacy of the post-war generation with the senior Labour MP Frank Field and Daniel Johnson, the Editor of Standpoint

Will the Tories Give us the Schools We Deserve?

The Shadow Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, Michael Gove, and the former Chief Inspector of Schools, Chris Woodhead, discuss the Conservatives’ reform plans with Daniel Johnson, the Editor of Standpoint

What Would Keynes Say?

The most inflential economist of the 20th century still dominates debate about the financial crisis. His biographer Robert Skidelsky and Britain's leading monetarist Tim Congdon discuss the relevance of Keynes

How European are the British?

The writer Piers Paul Read's Catholic vision of the EU confronts the politician David Heathcoat-Amory's Eurosceptic case for Britain as an independent country. The discussion is chaired by Daniel Johnson, the Editor of Standpoint

Speaking Truth Unto the BBC

Charles Moore, one of the BBC's most trenchant critics, discusses its future with its former chairman, Sir Christopher Bland, and the Editor of Standpoint, Daniel Johnson

Underrated: Abroad

The ravenous longing for the infinite possibilities of “otherwhere”

The king of cakes

"Yuletide revels were designed to see you through the dark days — and how dark they seem today"