For better or worse, that City has undergone a revolution. Its old guard has been seen off, or paid off

Michael Gove’s plan to ban foie gras is an essentially frivolous self-advertisement

“We do so love a literary rejection, provided it isn’t our own, of course.”

“Now nobody, it seems, wants to be seen as normal: not even normal people. But I do. All my life I’ve craved normality and never quite managed it”

“In Britain’s universities, there is no incendiary debate on Brexit, merely a stunned lack of comprehension and the blithe assumption that all we “nice” people voted to remain”

“Beyoncé got involved in youth voter registration — you could sign up at her concerts — because apparently, without the world’s most famous pop star yelling at us, millennials cannot fill out a life-defining form”

“The proposed sugar tax and a prospective ban on BOGOFs — supermarket buy-one, get-one-free offers — are perfect examples of how muddled thinking leads to the busybody interference of the Nanny State”

On Instagram, there’s nothing cooler than corporate sponsorship — so aspiring influencers are now creating fake sponsored content

Has anti-smacking advocacy gone too far?

Miniature paintings suit the modern world — we live in a miniaturised world