Whittle’s London

‘You cannot measure the success of a city by the number of coffee chains it can support’

“In ways that were unforeseeable at her accession, the Queen’s symbolic unifying function is becoming more important as Britain faces social and economic division”

‘Occasionally one reads of an incident in this great metropolis so awful, so disturbing, that just for a moment one’s mental moorings are shaken’

The monarchy, and its central function as a symbolic unifying force, have been given a new lease of life by citizenship ceremonies

“The contemporary super-rich have little in the way of roots or connection, and therefore little sense of obligation”

“Wasn’t the death of Lee Rigby—carried out by barbaric extremists who singled him out purely for what he objectively was, a soldier—the very definition of a hate crime?”

‘It is assumed that the capital is a standing rebuke to all those who voice concern about unfettered migration. But surely Londoners leaving London is a cause for concern’

‘I’m not sure there has ever been a time in London when you chose where you lived on the basis of sexual preference’

‘Do people know what Boris Johnson believes in? He slips and slides, whether on Islam or immigration’

‘Brick Lane may be hip, but it is part of a borough where a toxic brand of sectarian politics is promoted by threats and intimidation’