Standpoint’s Mole in the Commons thinks Mr Speaker Martin is lucky to be out of it

‘My quasi-Freudian theory about Gordon Brown is that he reminds the electorate collectively of Daddy’

‘The British people have said for years that they don’t want mass immigration. The main parties ignored them. This is venality’

Less than one year before a general election, not even the Conservatives are quite sure what David Cameron stands for, writes Stephen Glover

‘If teenagers want to pick up rubbish in parks or read to the blind, nothing prevents them — apart from red tape. Most do not do community work simply because they do not want to

‘The Home Secretarys job is huge, but it seems to have been reduced to the role of radio critic with a visa stamp

‘The British body politic, once so widely imitated throughout the world, now resembles an empty husk

A flawed economic doctrine led Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling to plunge Britain into its worst postwar crisis

The think-tank Demos has switched from New Labour to ‘Progressive Conservatism’. Philip Blond has journeyed from ‘Radical Orthodoxy’ to ‘Red Toryism’. Now the two have joined forces and both Right and Left have been taken in