‘The fastest route for Mrs May to exit Downing Street is for her to make a compromise too far for mainstream Conservative Brexiteers’

‘The contrast between Jacob Rees-Mogg’s palpable decency and the meretriciousness and glibness of many politicans is striking’

‘Jeremy Corbyn will not become Prime Minister any time soon’

‘Conservative HQ has blocked the selection of prominent Brexiteers in safe Tory seats’

‘Whatever else they stand for, friends of the Jewish Left shouldn’t be standing at this election  against non-Jewish MPs, who have been brave and vocal in the fight against anti-Semitism, in order to put Jeremy Corbyn into Number 10’

‘By calling an election three years before it was scheduled, Theresa May has delayed Brexit and saved Labour and the Liberal Democrats’

“If a whole set of by-elections are caused by police probes, it would be difficult for Mrs May not to call a general election”

“When Gerald Kaufman died, not a tear of sadness touched the cheek of British Jewry”

“Could a Donald Trump — someone who says he can fix the country’s problems because of his extraordinary business acumen — be elected to high office in the UK?”

The first female PM faced unprecedented vitriol from snobbish cultural bureaucrats