‘A general election this autumn is unlikely, but if it were to happen it would smash both Labour and the Conservatives’

‘What is the basis for Owen Jones’s claim that the Tories are trying to rig the next election?’

‘Theresa May is committed to implementing Brexit, believing that any reversal of this policy would destroy the Conservative Party once and for all’

‘Talk of bringing down the government is growing among Tory MPs alarmed by the prospect of a soft Brexit’

‘While Theresa May has shown herself in the best light in her response to Russian aggressions, Corbyn has demonstrated his greatest weakness’

‘Many are beginning to think: might it not be better to let Theresa May’s premiership run on for longer, and only install a new leader 18 months or so before the next general election?’

‘There is a contradiction at the heart of the Corbynite appeal. Their politics is Bennism without Tony Benn’

“We may well witness the spectacle of Jacob Rees-Mogg making the case for scrapping or weakening the House of Lords, while the Corbynistas uphold its legitimacy”

‘The next election is due in May 2022. Does Jeremy Corbyn have any chance of becoming Prime Minister before then?’

‘The Macron example has made some former British leaders dream of new alignments’