Points East & West

‘Obama found it easier to perform the role of critical intellectual than commander-in-chief’

‘If peace is to be attained in the Middle East, six mistaken assumptions must first be discarded’

In Syria, as in the Spanish Civil War, the West is depriving itself of the chance to influence the outcome

‘A North Korean attack could be the last nail in the coffin of unchallenged American power in the world’

‘Just as Western governments failed to predict other nations’ nuclear tests before it was too late, so it may come to pass with Iran’

‘Despite appearances, if sanctions continue Iran’s economy will collapse well before it can assemble a nuclear weapon’

‘Israel has been threatening to launch a pre-emptive strike on Iran for two years now. Is it merely crying wolf?’

‘Since when does violence by those whose religious feelings are offended weaken America’s resolve to stand by its values?’

‘The Muslim Brotherhood may make us miss their predecessors. And they may forever disrupt the stability their predecessors guaranteed’

‘America’s president seems to have bought the argument that the US should not be a hyperpower. With that, its competitors will gladly fill the void’