‘When I was at the BBC, the cliché was that we left our politics at the door. It appeared not to need saying that other aspects of your personal identity should also be left at the door’

The Oxford police are busy with a hate crime: stickers that define “woman” as an “adult human female”

“Speaking truth to power might not always prove beneficial to birds”

The consequences of Brexit for the British constitution are not being considered in this election campaign. Perhaps they ought to be

To produce a particular outcome from a Citizens’ Assembly, choose with care how you recruit to it, who you get to chair it, and who you allow to present their case to the members

Moors have become, in effect, unregulated farms. This dying terrain radiates extraordinary amounts of carbon dioxide

Brexit is not good news for Poland. But many Poles like me look on Brexit with admiration and hope

‘I am an instinctive, conventional, tribal Conservative voter. But now I just can’t bear even to listen to the shenanigans in Parliament a moment longer’

‘I’ve decided against taking the Medea job. It was a really hard decision but in the end I felt the part should go to an actress— sorry an actor, of either sex obviously — who really had eaten her children’

‘To eat less soya, eat more of it. The paradox bites only on those who are unaware of how much soya is contained in the meat they eat’