‘Every holiday of my childhood was spent either looking at art or making it. I remain helpless to resist the pull of the landscape on one side and lure of galleries on the other’

‘Even the most patriotic Russian can see that their rulers have been lying to them about Ukraine. They may also wonder why Ukrainians can choose their rulers freely and Russians cannot’

‘Rights language gives less and less help in the resolution of conflicts’

‘It is odd that wealth and position should play a part in Tory leadership considerations —but again they surely will’

Burek, cotolette and layer cake in Zagreb

‘It turns out I have a local authority lending library in part to thank for setting me off as a writer’

‘Once social media entities become publishers, any political bias already present will be baked in’

‘If the Bocconi boys’ work is correct, three generations of macroeconomic textbooks should be binned and the fiscalist element in Keynesianism has become intellectual junk’

Rather than quoting Lord of the Flies, when asked by journalists as to the political temperature in Parliament, I shall only say “I am Spartacus”

‘The best translations can be miracles in and of themselves’