“If May had not called her wholly unnecessary 2017 general election and thrown away the Conservative majority, the Brexit process would not now be in the dire state it is.”

The sickness of virtue-signalling is not confined to the woke Left, but has taken hold of our body politic as a whole

Delving into a record of postwar family meals

“This was the great discovery: that books could let you in to places of danger. Perhaps inevitably this included places you regretted having gone”

‘Russia is governed by semi-deranged confidence men who dupe their fellow citizens into believing in their nation’s geopolitical greatness’

‘If Pliny the Elder were alive today he’d be fronting Frack Off’

Going bananas over a pan-continental pudding at Heathrow Airport

‘The great classical economists all thought that economic growth would eventually cease. The prediction seems to be coming true’

‘Russia successfully meddles in Western politics, but I now worry more about China’

‘Something in the world of literature we start off reading shows us a world which while sometimes scary is nevertheless still safe’