Sex matters

“It’s been quite the month for the Gender Critical community”

Remote working will exacerbate inequality

‘Cultural capital provides a gloss and a shield of confidence to those gifted with it. As home working becomes a permanent feature of the workplace, the opportunities for working class and ethnically diverse entrants to gain it will be fewer’

There have always been “woke” students—the problem is their elders

‘The people running these institutions—they’re the people who are actually cancelling the songs, renaming the buildings and withdrawing the paintings’

Don’t dismiss incels

The “incel” subjects of TFW No GF are not actually especially unattractive or unintelligent—what they lack above all is charm and an ability to motivate themselves”

Game night

“Game is autumnal, more or less fat-free, organic, sustainable and currently very Covid-friendly. You can wander about a grouse moor with a gun in the company of 29 other toffs and still be completely legal”

Be less kind

‘Common-sense kindness works through the golden rule—do as you would be done by. Wokeness replaces this delicate reciprocal balance with a sort of moral socialism—a blank cheque for whoever shouts loudest’

Can a white conservative be trusted?

There is particularly fertile ground for mistrust in an era in which fear has become a dominant public perspective

How to prevent the next pandemic

‘I have been reporting as a science journalist for years that the world is at increasing risk of pandemics like this; that this was predicted; that we know what we need to do to prepare and we simply haven’t done it; and that more and worse pandemics are coming so we need to do that, now’

The lockdown litterbugs

‘The enduring images etched in my mind after lockdown are not of nature nurtured but nature trashed, suffocating under mountains of litter’

The rise of “choking”

‘When the musician Andy Anokye was accused of assaulting a number of women—committing acts that included strangling them, waterboarding them, and holding a gun to one woman’s head—he offered a simple explanation for his behaviour: it turned him on’

Underrated: Abroad

The ravenous longing for the infinite possibilities of “otherwhere”

The king of cakes

"Yuletide revels were designed to see you through the dark days — and how dark they seem today"