Open Season

Private festivals avoid the absurd interpretations of classic operas that shame the subsidised sector

“Jean-Claude Juncker is not the first Luxembourger to imagine he can dictate the future of Europe”

“Somehow the tax system must be brought into the age of Uber. This is now Angela Knight’s job”

‘Magazines such as Standpoint are not viable on their own — they need philanthropic backing’

“Punk’s politics began in creativity and generalised disgust, but ended in stupidity and fascism”

‘The accusation against Harold Wilson is that the mystery concealed nothing’

“The only thing worse than living in the mausoleum of a dead writer is living with a bunch of living ones”

“That is the lot of a girl in a Boy’s Own book: to cook the dinner and be less exciting than a tiger”

‘After a long process of unwinding and unfolding, I came out as a Christian advocate of equal marriage. ’

“We should never trust the government — any government — to look after us in old age”