Open Season

‘Sometimes I would just like to be a mere citizen — an actress, not a Jewish actress’

“What did Tocqueville fear more than tyrants and majorities? Democratic despotism”

‘Both Thatcher and May have had difficulties with Washington’s attitude towards the Middle East conflict’

‘As Silicon Valley comes to Washington, the pattern of 21st-century journalism is emerging’

‘There’s a real threat that in the coming months a lethal “progressive alliance” will form a government. At that point I may well just give up’

‘Liberals are largely to blame for the normalisation and widespread nature of the new censorship. Now they are being targeted’

‘Is it too much to suggest that political wisdom may be quite evenly distributed through the population — even among the poor?’

“For sheer human courage Martin Luther is hard to outdo”

“The UK has had an overvalued currency since monetarism became the fashion in the 1970s”

“There was a gasp as Theresa May announced she was giving Boris her backing and loyalty”