Open Season

‘A message of liberation has lost out to the more commercially viable demands for inclusion and recognition of ever-more niche identities’

‘Once social media entities become publishers, any political bias already present will be baked in’

‘It wasn’t difficult to persuade my son that academic life had lost its attractions’

‘The great classical economists all thought that economic growth would eventually cease. The prediction seems to be coming true’

‘Under Trump, the US has lost its ability to conduct statecraft: in North Korea it has made a dangerous situation worse’

‘London does not need a new Holocaust memorial in the shadow of Parliament. It already has a very moving one in Hyde Park’ 

‘Marie Colvin created herself in the image of the ideal war correspondent. She crafted a one-of-the-boys persona: she was tougher than the toughest’

‘Although Jews like to say that they are exceptionally argumentative, their internal bickering is little different from many other narrow communities’ 

‘Like a strict dress code, or refined form of dance, the myriad rules of ancient versification prove to be liberating’

‘A new book on Brexit illustrates our great problem with Ireland: our ignorance of its self-pity’