“Given the massive sales of Thomas Piketty’s Capital, can Jeremy Corbyn’s election to the Labour leadership be that much of a surprise?”

“Will Liam Halligan eat humble pie and admit he was wrong about quantitative easing and inflation?”

‘The letter of protest to the Guardian from 79 left-wing economists might indicate that the Keynesians are losing the argument’

‘A dreary and tacky lot of politicians tried to bribe floating voters with the fantasy of “government money”’

“Contrary to Paul Krugman’s bluster, Britain has experienced less fiscal austerity under Cameron than the US under Obama”

‘Osborne appears to have achieved the miraculous. He has combined budgetary overspending with a reduction in cost of the debt burden’

“The boom in the output of the financial sector was a boom in productivity. This has been stopped in its tracks by bureaucracy and regulation.”

“Why have international investors and domestic savings institutions not sold off British government debt in anger at the slow progress on budgetary restraint?”

‘The Great Recession of 2008 knocked many assumptions but it knocked the assumptions of the young worst of all’

‘Yes, net mortgage debt has increased in the last few years. But no, reports of a boom are unjustified and wrong’