‘Addled thinking about the BBC’s status seems to be characteristic of leafy-suburb leftism’

“Theresa May and her colleagues should announce that Britain seeks global free trade as well as free trade with the EU”

“Many Brexit and Trump voters resented the exent to which national power had been transferred to international institutions like the EU and the IMF”

“Bootle and Mills believe in “permanent devaluation”. Is there any exchange rate they regard as too low?”

“What does Brexit mean? Two main options are emerging: the single market option and the free trade option”

“Friedman’s “helicopter money” was designed as a thought experiment to stimulate the imagination — not the real British economy. He was joking”

“Have the unelected heads of international institutions got too big for their boots?”

‘Can the promoters of Project Fear not see that Brexit would merely result in the UK becoming just like any other non-EU nation?’

“There may be valid arguments against Brexit, but the leap-in-the-dark claim by Cameron & Co is not one of them”

‘The world in its entirety cannot be in debt, let alone drowning in the stuff’