‘Theory says that unilateral moves to trade liberalisation ought to benefit countries going down that path. Practice shows that the theory works — free trade is good for the nation that adopts it’

‘Trump’s fiscal largesse will expand the US’s external deficits at just the same time that the tariff increases are supposed to be reducing them’

‘How many bureaucrats does it take to change a light bulb — or does it depend on whether they work in Brussels or Westminster?’

‘George Osborne’s scary referendum campaign rhetoric about a return of the Great Recession now looks preposterous’

“Free trade is good for you, and protectionism is bad. It’s as simple as that”

“Does economic punditry have to be akin to horror films? The last six years have been the most stable in the past four decades”

‘Economists’ assertion of professional status is spurious because of the utter shambles that is macroeconomics’

‘The European Court of Justice has a record of deciding cases not in accordance with the wording of treaties and legislation, but with the furtherance of the power of EU institutions’

‘Since the referendum, not only have jobs been created, but the rate of job creation has been better than normal’

‘Jeremy Corbyn said he was “sympathetic” to cancelling past student debt. It was a blatant bid for the bourgeois university vote’