Manchester Square

“Theresa May’s decision to call a snap general election — just before Standpoint went to press — will surely come to be seen as a stroke of genius.”

“Is Western civilisation about to enter a new Dark Age, presided over by “populists”? No.”

“People understand that the threats facing the West are serious, whether or not politicians choose to take them seriously.”

“The president-elect deserves the benefit of the doubt”

“Like the moon, every religion has a dark and a light side. The most enduring perversions of faith always claim scriptural authority”

“We are all living with the consequences of the great American abdication of the last decade.”

“In her first two months on the bridge, Theresa May has skilfully steered the ship of state away from hazardous Continental rocks and into the open sea”

“The European question has been given a decisive answer by the British people. We believe it was the right one. And it is final. Three other questions remain. Why did it happen? What does it mean? And what will happen next?”

Beyond Europe’s borders, storm clouds are gathering; what Brexit would mean for the survival of the West is a fair question — though one not always fairly answered

“There is no nobler cause than the freedom of the press; but the more absolute that freedom is, the more ignoble may be the motives of those who avail themselves of it.”