Manchester Square

‘Trump may not be the ideal leader of the free world. But he understands what is at stake, he knows what must be done and he has the willpower to see it through’

“Over a hundred issues, Standpoint‘s focus and urgency have remained constant”

“All but ready to give up in despair, our opinion-formers wallow in recrimination and blame”

“Civilisation” implies so much that defies definition, but is instantly recognisable. So here is an attempt to illustrate by a literary example what seems to us to be worth defending

‘We need a national debate about the kind of country we now hope to be; and we need it now.’

“There are plenty of precedents for leaders of the free world going it alone”

Can the West defend itself? On the face of it, the question answers itself: of course we can. And yet Donald Trump has called into question its very survival.

“Russia remains an enigma. We have no easy answer to the problems that arise when a great nation turns its back on Western civilisation.”

‘With violent death stalking our cities and Jeremy Corbyn’s inglorious revolution threatening our future, a sickening sense of doom now hangs over the country.’

“Our enemy is illiberalism, but the worst traitors to the cause of liberty often go by the name of liberals”