‘The principle is simple enough: Parliament doesn’t interfere with the courts, the courts don’t interfere with Parliament. But it’s not unlimited’

‘I might believe it is wrong to work on the Sabbath but I cannot expect the law to enforce that belief in Britain’

‘At a stroke, the Lord Chief Justice and two senior judges tipped the balance in favour of writers in a libel case’

‘Although anyone can set up shop as a mediator, the process depends hugely on the skills of the person conveying offers from one side to the other’

‘The DPP’s robust response to the four parliamentarians charged with false accounting amounted to “See you in court”’

‘Retired civil servants often bite hand that used to feed them, especially when answering questions from one of their own’

‘A prominent Israeli will sooner or later be arrested in the UK for alleged war crimes. The law must be changed’

‘The Tories admit that their British Bill of Rights will have to be compatible with the European Convention’