‘The Fred Goodwin case raised an important question — when is it in the public interest to disclose the fact of a sexual relationship?’

‘If the law books say it’s never lawful to kill tyrants, it’s the books that need changing, not Western policy’

‘The new Bill is not quite the guarantee of safe passage that Israelis with military backgrounds were hoping for’

‘Christian campaign groups should direct their criticism to the politicians who make law rather than to the judges who enforce it’

‘Will Mubarak stand trial for crimes committed as president of Egypt? We only need to look at neighbouring Israel for a precedent’

‘Judges like the idea of ending trial by jury for all criminal cases. But where do we draw the line?’

‘It is curious that MPs are so unfamiliar with the laws under which they were elected’

‘After seven years, the International Criminal Court prosecutor has yet to secure a single conviction—or even an acquittal’

‘Bingham the judge sometimes seemed to be living on a higher plane than mere mortals’

‘It is critical to the success of the International Criminal Court that its judges are fearlessly independent’