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The grand old towns of the south coast have certainly lost some of their former glory, but there is no reason why their best days should not be ahead of them

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Teacher, philanthropist, founder of the Royal College of Music — Sir Hubert Parry was so much more than a composer of England’s finest songs

It it a great paradox that our culture glorifies celebrity chefs when, as a nation, we increasingly refuse to spend money feeding ourselves

Martin Heidegger’s apparent denazification after the — with the help of Jewish lover Hannah Arendt — requires further examination

A long time blacklisted by the snobbish BBC, George Lloyd is the greatest English symphonist you’ve never heard of

A new wave of rarefied history is the perfect antidote to the ubiquitous TV-celeb historians

Far from being a diluted form of the orchestral work, piano transcriptions often reveal hidden depths to old favourites

A provocative new book by Jonathan Meades asks us to reassess the value of the under-appreciated metropolitan environment

While woeful arts coverage on ITV and the BBC looks beyond saving, the two Sky Arts channels offer brave, and often unpredictable, film-making