Right, volunteers and activists, gents, ladies and genderfluids, settle down and listen up!

We are experiencing the side effects of a system that accommodates the perverse incentives of governments to spend, without paying any attention to other economic principles

Civilians talk of “military efficiency”. We soldiers know better

Talk of hybrid war tends to overlook a simple reality: the Cold War may have technically ended, but the main authoritarian regimes born of it have retained their revolutionary essence

Britain’s greedy and cynical political class is colluding with our enemies

Christmas can be a bleak time of year. While some feel isolated, others are overwhelmed by the need for a perfect family Yuletide when their reality is different

‘When I was at the BBC, the cliché was that we left our politics at the door. It appeared not to need saying that other aspects of your personal identity should also be left at the door’

The Oxford police are busy with a hate crime: stickers that define “woman” as an “adult human female”

“Speaking truth to power might not always prove beneficial to birds”

The consequences of Brexit for the British constitution are not being considered in this election campaign. Perhaps they ought to be