Having stolen a Klimt masterpiece, the Nazis could only show it if they hid the Jewish identity of its subject

Deeyah Khan’s groundbreaking documentary on British jihadists
will satisfy neither Left nor Right

The stifling right-wing press has adopted a cultish refusal to publish one good word about the BBC

Scottish nationalism has destroyed civility north of the border, putting journalists in the firing line

Online news’ thirst for traffic has sidelined polemics and transformed journalists into thieves and liars

Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall, superbly adapted for television, is brilliant because it defies easy definition

The Leveson Inquiry’s carelessness with basic democratic principles has undermined journalistic freeedom

The Corporation’s reporting and investigations are still essential-but now they are threatened from within 

Arguments made by the feminist   critics of Gone Girl demonstrate the problem the Left has with language

A new movie about the miners’ strike ignores the fact that it left Britain with nothing to feel good about