The last of the wartime travel writers, Patrick Leigh Fermor, may have departed the scene, but the genre he graced is still thriving

A working-class Scottish upbringing taught James Macmillan about music and fatherhood. If only more artists would take up the mantle

In the wake of the Arab Spring, Percy Shelley’s The Revolt of Islam looks mightily prophetic

Thanks to Pope Benedict XVI, the Catholic Church is making a vibrant  and intellectually rigorous contribution to modern society

The Australian floods were encapsulated by underrated national poet, Dorothea Mackellar, whose poem “My Country” best captured the post-diluvian mood

India’s greatest living artist has been forced out of his home country by Hindu sectarian extremists

The head of the Peterhouse historical school was concerned with finding a British national identity based on truth and Christian commitment

The teaching of grammar should be at the heart of the school syllabus. Without it we are killing intellectual curiosity

He is an 18th-century deist with a message for today’s aggressive atheists: religion has a social value, and saves us from the return to a Hobbesian state of nature

Instead of embarking on the project of “saving God” by replacing him with the natural and human shaped world, it is perhaps time to acknowledge that it is we ourselves that need saving – just replacing God with Nature isn’t enough