Communist dictators often feel compelled to prove that they are not merely great revolutionaries, but also great and original thinkers. In reality all are variants of the same system

John Fuller’s ninth novel is rich in comic phrase-making, with the kinetic subtlety of his finest poems

Since April 2018, Titania McGrath has been making people laugh, cringe, and go insane with her satirical tweets sending up social justice lunatics

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Mark Spiegelhalter’s book helps explain how implausible statistical nonsense arises in the first place

“Amazon’s puff for On Freedom says that Sunstein takes a “pathbreaking” approach to the subject. In fact, confounding ability with freedom is an old mistake”

“Keir Giles suggests what the West’s policy towards Moscow should look like if it is to be guided by reality rather than hopes or a pretty dream”

“Airey Neave knew what it meant to fight for freedom, had cheated death many times during the war, and yet he would die a violent death during a time of peace”