William Norton

William Norton

Brexit is already causing the biggest shakeup of British politics for a generation. But the biggest loser may prove to have the last laugh

Has the fashionable French economist thought through his radical proposals? Crunch the numbers and you see the damage they’d do

In the spin doctor’s memoirs the similarities between Evelyn Waugh’s protagonist Charles Ryder and Gordon Brown’s antagonist Damian McBride are several and eerie

‘Don’t believe the polls. Either side could win the Scottish referendum’

We’re all still here, so the end of the world was a false alarm, but the Mayans might never have predicted it in the first place

No pot of money supports the promise of state pensions—the system is unsustainable. A new savings model is needed

A new book on election reform forgets the fact that voters did not want AV

Matthew Sinclair’s new book, Let Them Eat Carbon, rightly draws attention to the foibles of climate change policy, rather than the global warming debate itself