Tim Congdon

Tim Congdon

The UK Independence Party has long been derided by the political elite, but it is now strong enough to do without deals and go it alone

‘Burke asserted that we should value chivalry, morality and friendship. But how do we measure the huge rise in social media in terms of GDP?’

‘The huge amount of fuss and bother that attends the Budget tells us that something is wrong with how our country is organised’

‘Europe’s economic and commercial importance to the UK will collapse in the 21st century’

The conventional wisdom on fiscal policy doesn’t add up. A glance at the data and one realises that the media panic is unjustified

‘Mervyn King has been the most disastrous Governor in the Bank of England’s history’

‘Even The Times now believes that the setbacks of the last few years are proof of the failure of free-market capitalism. How quickly they forget the Thatcher revolution’

‘What happens if Greece can’t pay its enormous debts back to the ECB? Inevitably, the banks from Germany, the netherlands and Finland will have to pay’

‘Perhaps visiting anthropologists would describe us as crazy. But Britain’s triumph in the Olympics is a tribute to the wisdom and foresight of its tribal leaders’

‘Adair Turner’s worry is that the UK’s financial sector takes up scarce resources and unfairly distributes resources. Lord Turner is talking rot’