Tim Congdon

Tim Congdon

The must be clearer information on the cost of Britain’s EU membership

Russia may dominate world maps, but it is an economic pygmy compared with the developed nations as a bloc

Alan Greenspan’s reputation has suffered but The Map and the Territory is a reminder of his vast contribution to American public life

‘The current talk of deflation refutes the claims of the quantitative easing alarmists. They were wrong’

The logic behind a nationalised broadcaster was never perfect. In the age of subscription television and the internet it is indefensible

‘Hundreds of thousands of people organise and attend political meetings, and even pay membership dues so they can do unselfish things. Are they mad?’

‘Mark Carney has undermined what many viewed as a basic premise of the UK inflation-targeting regime’

‘George Osborne did not have the gumption to take my advice and reject the Vickers report on banking in 2011. Now he is blatantly trying to bypass its constraints’

‘The ten years to 2017 could be the first peacetime decade since the 17th century to see no economic growth in Europe’