Tim Congdon

Tim Congdon

‘Can the promoters of Project Fear not see that Brexit would merely result in the UK becoming just like any other non-EU nation?’

“There may be valid arguments against Brexit, but the leap-in-the-dark claim by Cameron & Co is not one of them”

‘The world in its entirety cannot be in debt, let alone drowning in the stuff’

At the height of the 2008 banking crisis, Mervyn King backed the wrong plan, which triggered a vicious deflationary shock in the UK

The Governor of the Bank of England ignored the lessons of history and the UK’s reputation for financial competence may never recover

“Given the massive sales of Thomas Piketty’s Capital, can Jeremy Corbyn’s election to the Labour leadership be that much of a surprise?”

“Will Liam Halligan eat humble pie and admit he was wrong about quantitative easing and inflation?”

‘The letter of protest to the Guardian from 79 left-wing economists might indicate that the Keynesians are losing the argument’

‘A dreary and tacky lot of politicians tried to bribe floating voters with the fantasy of “government money”’

“Contrary to Paul Krugman’s bluster, Britain has experienced less fiscal austerity under Cameron than the US under Obama”